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About Seven

Seven is created for Soloists who like playing on standard E tuning but need the ability to go lower when needed. Seven is developed to shake the ground with its fat and tight low end response. It is gonna hit you hard. Created for technical players, Seven features a locking tremolo capable to handle the most abusive behavior. We designed Seven to look as good as it sounds. It features a geometric approach that feels and looks extreme.


The tonewood combination is similar to the BMC Navigator. Both guitar are made for soloists. Ebony fretboard is our choice when attack is required. It is clear, with more treble than other tonewoods usually used on fretboards. It has to be treated carefully because it might provide extremely trebly tone if combined with the wrong wood on the neck. Having that in mind we have chosen Mahogany for the Seven neck. Mahogany compensates the strange and difficult nature of Ebony. It adds body to the tone and the final result maintains the attack of the Ebony fretboard as well as the fullness of Mahogany.

Seven body is made of Basswood. Lead tone needs mid frequencies and basswood provides that generously. It is also a medium weighted tonewood.


Seven features Schaller hardware. The Lockmeister is an excellent tremolo device that will allow extreme dives without loosing tuning stability. The tremolo springs are mounted on the Schaller's Sure Claw tensioner. Spring tension is easy adjustable with an Allen wrench from the backside without even having to take the springs' cover off. Schaller M6 tuners are combined with beautiful Perl buttons. The truss rod is easily adjustable by its spoke wheel and the strap buttons are locking type.


We designed the electric circuit of Seven to be simple and straight. Seven features a 3-way lever switch that provides the three most needed pickup configurations. The bridge pickup for rhythmic chops, the neck pickup for all these sweet soloing passages and both pickups for a brilliant and antique clean tone.

Buzz Feiten Tuning

Seven features the Buzz Feiten Tuning System. We really couldn't resist to the benefits of tuning compensation. We created the Silky for demanding musicians and we know that good intonation is a must have feature. Take a look at the "Quality in Depth" section for more concerning the BF tuning system. 

Guitar Specs

25.5" Scale Length

Buzz Feiten Tuning System

Setup: 010-056 Elixir String Set

Am. Basswood Body

Mahogany Neck - BMC Custom Tapered D7 Profile 

Ebony Fretboard - Compound Radius

Schaller Lockmeister 7 Locking Tremolo

Schaller M6 Tuners - Perl Buttons

Schaller Sure Claw Spring Tensioner

BMC Tight Neck Screw System with Brass Inserts

DiMarzio Blaze Pickup Set

CTS Pots

CRL 3-way Toggle Switch

NOS Pio Capacitor

Switchcraft Jack

24 Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets

2-way Spoke Wheel Truss Rod

Schaller 7 Locking Nut

Original Gator Hard Case

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